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BREAKING: Biden Caught Dumping Illegals

BREAKING: Biden Caught Dumping Illegals


This is going to end badly for Biden.

In a new bombshell exclusive from Fox, It now shows that the Biden Administration has been releasing up to 160,000 illegal immigrants into the United States without any supervision whatsoever since the beginning of March!

The newly released document exposes President Biden and his administration and gives an account of just how many illegals have been traveling throughout out the United States freely.




According to Fox News, since March of 2021 Biden has released 94,570 illegals and told them check in with local ICE offices once they get to their desired destination anywhere in the country. The illegals who check in are not deported and get to figure out there immigration status once settled.

Furthermore, another 32,000 have been released and were given parole, being on parole allows them to apply for work permits legally. This is bad!

It appears that Biden is using every loophole possible to continue flooding the U.S. with as many illegals as possible.