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VIDEO: Illegals Take City Hostage


Biden and the Democrats made a huge mistake.

President Biden and the Democrats thought it would be a great idea to house migrants in New York City hotels but now have quickly learned that the migrants themselves have other plans.

According to Fox, a rather large group of illegal immigrants are now protesting outside the Watson Hotel in New York City and are refusing to leave the taxpayer-funded hotel to go to a migrant crisis center in Brooklyn.

President Biden and the Democrats thought they had a good understanding of how to deal with migrants in their cities however it’s clear that Republican border states were more prepared than them on how to deal with issues like this.

Tens of thousands of migrants were sent via bus to New York City where Democrat leaders decided to house them in for free in luxury hotels.


The city then took steps to move the migrants, particularly single adult men, out of the Watson Hotel in NYC to their Brooklyn Cruise Terminal facility. Sadly however the migrants are now telling Democrats that they’re here to stay.

Democrat Mayor Eric Adams also provided free rooms to the migrants, which costed around $300-per-night, in the Hells Kitchen hotel and they also refused to leave as well.

The Democrat mayor reacted to the migrant protesters and begged them to come to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal instead of staying in the hotels.

Adams then went to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and said, “I just had to come here when I started hearing all the rumors that it was too cold, my brother got on shorts. It’s warm inside. About the food not being there, healthy food is present.”