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Ocasio-Cortez’s Most Embarrassing Moment Caught On Camera

Okay, now this is hilarious!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a key advocate of the Green New Deal and a prominent figure in socialist circles, unexpectedly became the subject of attention for an unusual incident.

During her appearance on the New York City-based radio show “Ebro in the Morning” last Thursday, AOC unintentionally added an unexpected element to her discussion about the Israel-Palestine crisis: she appeared to emit a rather audible FART!

This video interview was later shared on her official social media account. The incident didn’t go unnoticed by the internet, and it quickly became a source of amusement for many online users who couldn’t help but notice the unmistakable sound of flatulence during her conversation.

It’s important to note that we cannot actually verify whether or not AOC actually passed gas on camera, however people on the internet are running wild with accusations and overall it is a funny and innocent thing for everyone to laugh about.


In response to AOC’s tweet about the interview, one user even humorously shared what they claimed was a thermal video capturing the moment of the gas release.