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VIDEO: Republican Data Leaked


This is extremely suspicious.

In an incident which is now being called a “slip-up,” it has been discovered that social media giant Snap has “accidentally” allowed Democratic campaigns and party committees to access a very large database of Republican voter data to help them perfect their Midterm elections strategy!

According to Axios, Snap is now claiming that they were unaware that Republican data was being shared with the Democrats. Snap also explained that they are now taking steps to fix the issue but many Republicans are worried too much data has been lost.

Democrats were granted access to very valuable Republican data.


Democrats can now use this data which was unfairly given to them and can use it to politically advertise very specific election ads to highly specific user segments. Democrats can now target voters’ interests, activities, spending habits and other criteria.

This is the type of news the mainstream media refuses to air.


A spokesperson for Snap explained, Unfortunately, due to an internal mistake, we didn’t follow this usual process — which resulted in these two companies’ services being used by advertisers outside of the process, impacting a small number of ads.”

“We take full responsibility for this mistake, and as soon as we became aware of it, we notified the two Democratic and Republican vendors who were equally impacted, and took action to correct the issue. We are also taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again,” the spokesperson added.