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Biden Kicks Americans To The Curb

Do these people even care about the middle class?

President Biden and his administration has done a number on America already. inflation is surging, the supply chain crisis is worsening and gas prices have become unaffordable for Americans.

Now, President Biden’s Energy Secretary Pete Buttigieg sparked intense outrage from Americans after he told people who are struggling with high gas prices to just get an electric vehicle!

According to The Hill, Buttigieg said, “Families who buy electric vehicles never have to worry about gas prices again.”

Buttigieg then said, “The people who stand to benefit most from owning an EV are often rural residents who have the most distances to drive, who burn the most gas, and underserved urban residents in areas where there are higher gas prices and lower income.”

Sadly, it appears that Biden and Buttigieg don’t really care about how much you have to pay for gas. It seems like they are simply trying to push their green agenda on Americans.