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Trump Prepares For The Worst


He is being as safe as possible.

Former President Donald Trump and his attorney’s are preemptively preparing Donald Trump’s legal defense if the Justice Department decides to press criminal charges against Trump for trying to overturn the 2020 election.

According to the Rolling Stone, Trump’s lawyers are already brainstorming strategies and potential defense arguments if Biden’s DOJ strikes.

It is also known that Trump’s legal defense have briefed him on his legal defenses at least twice this summer according to inside sources.


An individual who claims to be familiar with the situation explained, “Members of the Trump legal team are quietly preparing, in the event charges are brought. It would be career malpractice not to. Do the [former] president’s attorneys believe everything Cassidy said? No. … Do they think the Department of Justice would be wise to charge him? No. But we’ve gotten to a point where if you don’t think criminal charges are at least somewhat likely, you are not serving the [former] president’s best interests.”

The Justice Department would be wildly brazen if they attempted to place criminal charges on Trump but you can’t put anything past them if Democrats have influenced them already.

Ty Cobb, who was a top lawyer in Trump’s White House explained, “I do think criminal prosecutions are possible. Whether they are advisable is a more difficult consideration for the country. Possible for Trump and [Mark] Meadows certainly. And for the others, including lawyers, who engaged fraudulently in formal proceedings or investigations.”